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Open Roles

Love your coworkers, admire their talents. At Sweet, we know the secret to an amazing place to work. It's not foosball tables and beer on tap; we're fully remote anyway. The secret to happiness is striving to achieve ambitious, future-shaping goals with people that you love working with and respect immensely for their talents and character. Apply below and start finding out why everyone at Sweet loves working here.

The Sweet Life

Cutting-Edge Tech

As a company focused on charting the future of NFTs and Web3 for some of the world's most entertaining brands, we innovate every single day. We draw on the latest developments from blockchains and other technologies and then layer on our own secret sauce. We're also always equipped with the right tools for the job, from top-of-the-line computers to VR goggles. You can't build something this new and special without living on the cutting edge!

Global Team

Although most of the Sweet team is based in the United States, we hail from across the globe. The US works remotely from many states across the country. This allows us to find the very most talented and motivated people, no matter where they live. We spend lots of time virtually (and occasionally in-person) to make sure that while we may be physically far apart we are one team bonded together in a single mission.

Life & Family Friendly

We know that the best work happens when your whole life is in balance. Besides, we have friends, family and interests outside of work too! At sweet we respect and encourage time off and a balanced approach to daily life. Plus we offer great benefits and policies for you and all of your dependents.